Rey's Retirement Bash at Key West

(Original posted on Wordpress on June 21, 2018)

The Southern Most Point

Since I lived in South Florida and had visited Key West before, but my memories never really stay the same. Why? Because each time I visited, it is always different. My mother and I started to make a small group and visited about 3 or 4 times.

I remember how it all started. We went there for our friend’s son retirement party from serving in the Navy and spend overnight. We went to a local bar and had such a great time.

So, after the retirement party, we returned to the hotel to get ready for another party at The Bottle Cap.

The Bottle Cap Bar at Key West

This place is fantastic with its atmosphere, appetizers and drinks make it so fun that it left a lasting impression. Let me just show another photo to give you a general idea.

Inside The Bottle Cap where Rey reserve the place for his Bash

We stayed until about midnight because we needed to wake up early for breakfast. Why? There is this place that we just have to try it before we hit the road.

Welcome to Blue Heaven! This place is such a trip. It is no ordinary restaurant, and I can tell that pet is welcome (for outdoor seating). I took several photos to share with you because it is worth thousands of words. The breakfast is divine, but I am not too keen about runny egg style. I am more of a well-done egg because I happen to love the Benedict sauce. Yummy! Even overcooked egg is fine by me.

Then we walked around the street to burn off those delicious foods, and this is what we came across.

Ms. Fefe and her personal transportation

Ms. Fefe cruising with her daddy on her ride. It is way too cute not to take a chance and ask for a photo.

It was a tripped being able to witness this. So glad that I happened to be there. Did I mention that each time I visit there is always something new?

I would love to hear your Key West's Story. Comment below.