Vero's First Travel International Experience

(Original posted from Wordpress on Jun 18, 2018)

It all started on my sweet 15th birthday. It is a belated one at that because we celebrated in October instead of January. I didn't want to have a traditional quinceañera with all the frills and the hype. It just doesn't fit my personality about having one after I attended parties to the point that I didn't want to have my own.

When my mother went on to Mexico on a business trip, she came back with a fun and memorable stories. A few months later, I decided to have a small birthday party to make my parents happy, but mama came with two options: quinceañera or Mexico. So, I chose the lather. Off we go to Mexico for eight days. Yes, I did took time off from school just as long as I finish all the required assignments and tests before I leave. That was the deal.

I can't tell you how many time I visited Mexico; the first was Cancun which is very popular for tourist. After that, we venture out and visit Rivera Maya, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Copa, Mexico City, Merida, to name a few.

I enjoyed exploring and trying out the local food and following their custom of eating, especially the tortilla. You rolled it to eat it. It was a pale comparison from my first experience when I was 15th versus today.

So, tell me what was your first international experience? Comment below to share your story.

P.S. my time didn't exactly have the best digital camera, let alone the smart phone. It was printed photos. I don't think I can scan it because the quality isn't that great but I will put it up (eventually).